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Since 2002, Anna Soaps & Body has been hand crafting from scratch, pure botanical skin care products in Southern Maine.   


Conceived as the result of years of skin complications, for myself as well as my children, and faced with the prospect of a life time of prescription applications, and choosing not to accept this predicament, has resulted in years of researching  and becoming aware of ingredients and what was causing this extremely dry, itchy skin.


...and so became the Anna Soaps & Body story


Finding what nature has to offer so intriguing, and because I believe that plants provide powerful, natural healing Anna Soaps & Body soaps are hand-formulated with earth-friendly organic or wild-crafted ingredients.  Wholesome ingredients that are good for your skin and a healthy choice for your entire family.  Many of the ingredients I use are the same healthy ingredients you use to cook with ~ coconut oil, olive oil, goat milk, coffee beans and wonderful spices.  I love crafting original soap recipes, designing labels and knowing that I am making useful, healthy skin care. 


   Each and every one of the Anna Soaps products

is created with you and your family in mind so you can be comfortable with what you are using on your skin.                                                                                                                          Made with love,




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