Soap Sampler Set


About Natural Nutrient Additives


Since 2002,  Jane has been hand crafting from scratch, pure botanical nourishing skin care.   


Having spent two decades as a practicing hairstylist/esthetician, Jane developed skin complications.  Faced with the prospect of a life time of prescription applications, and choosing not to accept this predicament, has resulted in years of researching  and becoming aware of ingredients and what was causing this extremely dry, itchy skin.

Through that research she was immediately intrigued with what nature has to offer and believes that plants have the ability to provide powerful, natural healing.

Learning the chemistry of making natural soap, and incorporating plant based ingredients, Jane became enamored with the entire process.  Using spices for colors, herbs for texture and endless scent combinations.  As these creations began to provide the results she was looking for for herself as well as her children, she knew she had to continue making them.  

...and so became the Anna Soaps & Body story

Jane wants others to experience the difference of a beautiful handmade soap, a silky face oil or a body butter powered by nature.

With a mission of helping people realize the connection between our own skin wellness and nature.


Made with love,