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Since I was a kid, I have struggled with skin challenges. My mom realized early on that she could only wash my face with water. If she used anything else I would get red, blotchy spots.

My highly sensitive skin meant that I suffered regular bouts of dryness, red rashes/spots, eczema, and dermatitis. I resigned myself to taking drugs and prescriptive ointments for the rest of my life. When I became a hairstylist/esthetician, it only got worse. When you use lots of different skin treatments, hair color, bleaching chemicals, and all kinds of shampoos, it stresses the skin. And it was all day long! You should have seen my hands.

You would think that continuing ed for my esthetician certification would help me solve my skin care issue battles. But no matter how high end the skin care, my skin still reacted. It could be in the beautiful glass or porcelain and look like pearls of silk and it still caused me to break out.

So I started researching. A LOT. I wanted to know about every ingredient in the creams, lotions, and serums that were making me miserable. For example, I discovered sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent, is in many soaps and shampoos and is linked to severe skin irritation. Parabens are common in preservatives and are in all types of skin care products, and are also linked to skin irritation. (More on parabens here.) Needless to say, I no longer wanted to keep putting this stuff on my skin, with or without my skin challenges.


I started researching plant-based ingredients, and eventually tried my hand at making my own soaps and creams. The results were immediate: my skin did not feel tight and dry after cleansing, the red spots were not inflamed and irritated; in fact, they were disappearing. When I first started doing this, I was tempted to go back to high-end spa skin care products. After all, people pay $100s (if not $1,000s) for them and they are just so pretty! But when I tried them, I got red, raised spots.


So instead of staying frustrated that I just spent all that money, I committed to creating a set of products that nourish my skin, from soaps to serums to hand creams and more. I knew that if my own skin loved them, everyone else would benefit too.


Here is what some happy customers have reported:

Happy Customers.png

"My skin has never looked better! Your stuff really works"


“I hate shoes on my feet, I walk around with socks or barefoot all day. My heels take a beating and are always rough and dry/cracked. I started using the foot butter about a month ago after showering and going to bed and all I can say is "Where has this stuff been all my life"! I didn't realize my hands were that bad until I noticed a difference in them after using the Hand & Foot butter (I rub the rest in my hands after applying on the heels). I immediately ordered another jar because I know I am never going to run out of this butter or have to wait for it when I need it!”


“I am so enjoying your wonderful Anna Soaps! I love the fact that my skin is clean AND soft.   It is a true treat and I cannot imagine using anything else.”

“This stuff is amazing! My hands were so dry my skin was literally peeling off. Two nights of putting this Hand and Foot Butter on and my hands were completely healed. Not to mention it smells soooo good!”

I’ve built my product line to meet my own skin care needs, the needs of my family, and those of my community.

I want others to experience the difference of a beautiful handmade soap, a silky face oil or a body butter powered by nature.

I have a mission to help people realize the connection between our own skin wellness and nature, offering a protective barrier from harsh elements.

Concurrently, I have kept up my education and training. I have been a member of the Handmade Soap & Cosmetic Guild since 2005.  I am a certified formulator, with a distinction in cosmetic compliance and a distinction in formulation skills. On any given day, you’ll find me with beakers, droppers, and large containers of butters, oils, and serums making Anna Soaps products.

So glad you stopped by. Enjoy exploring Anna Soaps offerings here on this website. Please reach out if you have any questions about anything, and may you have happy, healthy skin.

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Made with love,

Jane & Anna

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