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Troubled Skin and Activated Charcoal

Aside from a healthy diet, drinking recommended daily amounts of water and making sure all of your skincare is about, natural, nutrient additives, activated charcoal is one of skincare's best kept secrets! Its molecule structure being very porous, activated charcoal is able to attract and hold onto debris within pores. Removing dead skin cells, it will attract and bind to toxins like excess oil, dirt and allergens, which is why I love using it in our deep cleansing Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap bar. Enhancing the cleansing of the soap, lifting impurities and washing them away. Lather the soap onto a warm washcloth and cleanse.

Activated charcoal also makes a wonderfully effective spot treatment, which is why I also added it to our Blue Ember. A blue-black balancing face oil for troubled skin working to clear imperfections and fight bacteria. Shake the bottle and apply a few drops to pimples and the surrounding area. Do this a few times a day at the first signs of a new pimple for happier skin.

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