Oil Cleansing

Imperfection-free skin is the ultimate goal, but seems to be an elusive one.

As we wash our skin with oil stripping ingredients skin becomes dry and tight and then our system compensates for the lack of oil by over producing it.  A vicious cycle. Not to mention the addition of fragrance which can be highly irritable.

Keeping in mind that oil dissolves oil, it would make sense to cleanse with a skin condition appropriate oil.

A specific blend of oils, to effectively remove impurities and make up from the skin, oils known to have skin regenerative properties, are known to trap bacteria and wash it away and to rebalance to maintain your skins natural softness.  Suited to your skins condition and minimally scented with skin condition appropriate essential oils.

The objective is to not over cleanse our skin, so typically cleansing prior to bed and then in the morning using warm water and a wash cloth should be sufficient.


Skin Condition
  • Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Essential Oils.

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