Great care has been taken in the compilation of this indulgent scrub/mask for all skin types.  Aptly named Mud Scrub due to the color combination of antioxidant cacao powder, activated charcoal and exotic spices.  

This highly effective formula gently removes dead skin cells to allow for better absorption of Luxury Serum, Refine, Blue Ember or any hydration routine. 


Here is how to make the most of adding this to your routine:

Add desired amount (approximately 1/2-1 Tablespoon)of Mud Scrub powder into your hand or a bowl, add a few drops of either Delicate Balance or water and blend.  

If needed, add more Delicate Balance or water until you have a fluffy mud-like consistency.  

Massage onto skin, avoiding your eyes and mouth. 

Massage for a couple of minutes and/or leave on for approximately 10 minutes.

Wash off with a warm, wet washcloth to reveal smoother, brighter skin.

Mud Scrub

  • Coconut milk powder, Kaolin clay, Cacao fruit powder, Sea Salt, Rose petal powder, Marshmallow root powder, Sodium bicarbonate, Charcoal, Ginger, Pink kaolin clay, Lavender powder, Vanilla seed powder, Citric Acid, Nutmeg powder, Clove powder, Cinnamon bark powder, Red moroccan clay, Tumeric powder 

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