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Introducing our Skincare Mini Collection - a delightful ensemble of skincare essentials packed into itty bitty glass vials that exude undeniable adorableness. Housed in our signature little black gift box, this collection is not just charming, but also the solution to numerous daily skincare dilemmas.

Each mini vial within this collection encapsulates the very essence of our skincare philosophy. They are meticulously crafted to offer a compact, convenient, and luxurious approach to your daily skincare routine. While the exterior radiates cuteness, it's the contents that truly shine.


The Mini Collection

      6 refillable facial minis - (sample/travel)

The mini collection comes nestled together with an ultra soft bamboo wash cloth in a slide top gift box.

Experience each of these fresh, decadent facial minis as your new skin care ritual or share them with someone who needs to indulge in a skin care ritual they delight in and deserve.

      The Delightfulness:

Delicate Balance rebalancing facial cleansing oil (2ml)

Luxury Serum restoring facial serum (2ml)

Refine recovery facial serum (2ml)

Mud Scrub brightening facial scrub/mask (5g)

Indigo Dew solid facial balm (5g)

Blue Ember balancing face oil (2ml)

Bamboo wash cloth

Wooden Scoop




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